Establishing an online presence for your business is free through social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram. Although some small businesses have only a Facebook page, it’s important to have a website for three reasons: credibility, control over how you appear in search results, and reaching people that don’t have Facebook accounts. However, unlike building a Facebook page, building a website is more expensive than expected.

Getting Started

To begin, you must register a domain. The domain name is like your company’s address on the internet. Domain names cost upwards of $15 per year to own, so you can compare them to property. Like your street address, your hosting company is like your utility company. Hosting essentially turns the lights on your site and makes it accessible to everyone on the internet. Depending on the size and traffic of your website, different hosting plans are available ranging from $5-$40 per month.

Your website now has a home, but you still need to develop it. Several free web builder tools exist, including Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress (with the option to pay for additional premium elements or support). They are not without disadvantages. There are many things to consider prior to creating a website, including not standing out from the competition, doing all the work (which could delay your launch) and learning how to maintain your site. In addition to the costs of the web builder, you have to pay for your time learning the website design principles and best practices for SEO.

In addition to that, you can hire a web developer or designer to build a professional website. The upfront cost of professional web design services can deter some business owners from making this investment. A freelancer might cost $2000, a small agency might charge $15,000, or many, many others might be required. The advantage of hiring a professional is that there is less of a learning curve for you, and your business won’t use the same design as another company.

Which variables play the biggest role?

Customizations and functions that your website may require heavily influence the website’s cost. Custom appearance designed by a professional is necessary if you want to make your website stand out against the competition. Additionally, many designers charge more when they have to create multiple template designs for different pages on your website (e.g. blog pages, product listings, job listings).

Websites may also have additional costs for certain functions, such as:

It is possible to customise your website and add premade widgets. However, some of the functions and customisation require the skills of a web developer and coding skills. The type of tool they use to create your website is related to the design and developer you choose. You may be limited in what functions your site can accomplish if you hire a cheaper freelance designer. Most freelance designers won’t know how to code, so they’ll rely on a platform such as Squarespace to create a brochure-style site for around $2000. You will have to hire a web developer or an agency with a developer if you want to integrate e-commerce, custom request forms, or other interactive and conditional elements on your website. The cost could likely exceed $10,000.

Investing in high-quality stock photography that pertains to your business or hiring an expert photographer can help create engaging images for your site. The cost of stock photography can vary depending on whether you buy individual pictures or subscribe to services for a monthly fee (e.g. Adobe Stock, Canva, Twenty20). There are also costs for custom graphics, animations, and videos. And if writing isn’t your thing, especially writing for optimal SEO and creating content that your audience wants to read, you may consider hiring a copywriter.

Is it possible that they will come if I build it?

Putting all of your digital budget into building a website is the biggest mistake small businesses can make. But how do you attract people to your website so they can learn more about your organization? Getting customers in the door is similar to establishing a brick and mortar business.

A business website’s cost is closely related to its online advertising and marketing options. Similar to creating your own website using a page builder tool, you can learn digital marketing and advertise your site in a DIY manner. Getting people to your website and converting them into paying customers may be easier if you hire a professional digital marketer or company.

Build your website with Influergo Digital

No matter how new your business is, or how long it’s been since you last redesigned, Nimble has the right website for your business. The features and tools on your new site will help it grow, so you can be confident it will be successful. By designing a conversion-oriented website that reflects your brand and values, we will create a powerful platform for your business. Each website is optimized for conversion and lightning fast. Our team is responsible for all maintenance so you will not have to worry. Your online presence should support your bottom line, no matter what type of website you build with us.

Interested in getting started? We can help!

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