Visual Identity Services

Welcome to Influergo’s Visual Identity Solutions

Your brand’s visual identity is a powerful tool in conveying your brand’s story and values. At Influergo, we specialize in creating distinctive visual identities that resonate with your audience and set you apart in the marketplace. Our approach is to craft a coherent and captivating visual language that accurately reflects your brand’s essence and appeals to your target market.

Our Visual Identity Services Include:

Logo Design

  • Custom Logo Creation: Developing unique and memorable logos that capture the essence of your brand and make a lasting impression.
  • Brand Mark Development: Crafting versatile brand marks that can be used across various mediums and applications.
  • Logo Variations: Providing different logo variations for diverse use cases and branding needs.

Color Palettes

  • Color Scheme Development: Creating a color palette that aligns with your brand’s personality and industry standards.
  • Color Psychology: Utilizing the principles of color psychology to evoke the right emotions and perceptions in your audience.
  • Application Guidelines: Offering guidance on how to consistently apply your color palette across all branding materials.


  • Typography Selection: Choosing the right typefaces that complement your brand’s character and are legible across various mediums.
  • Custom Typeface Design: Developing custom typefaces for exclusive use in your branding, offering a unique touch.
  • Typography Guidelines: Establishing clear guidelines on how to use your selected typography in all brand communications for consistency.

Why Choose Influergo?

Influergo’s team of design experts understands the importance of a cohesive and compelling visual identity in building a strong brand. We combine creativity with strategic thinking to ensure that every element of your brand’s visual identity works harmoniously to tell your unique story. Our goal is to create a visual identity that not only looks stunning but also communicates your brand’s values and mission effectively.

Ready to Develop a Distinctive Visual Identity?

Contact us today to discover how Influergo can elevate your brand with a unique and impactful visual identity. Let’s collaborate to craft a visual language that captivates your audience and sets the foundation for your brand’s success.